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We offer individual (1-to-1) and group badminton coaching for players of all standards

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Reaching Your Goals with our guidance

The ethos behind any coaching we believe should be to help and guide players to reach their full-potential. So, whether you are a total beginner or regular on the national circuit our aim is the same, to continuously improve your game.

We want all our players to enjoy their sessions and time spent on court, as the reason for playing any sport should simply be for the love of doing it!

In order to achieve this we believe building a good relationship with every player is essential. Hence, we pride ourselves on being very approachable and always happy to chat and help players on and off the court.


Our coaching team will work with you to develop the fundamental bio-mechanics needed as a badminton player and help you master the footwork needed to be efficient and lightning fast around the court. Moreover, we will work at an advanced level on all areas of the technical game: developing attacking weapons, building a rock solid defence, mastering the flat game, developing a consistent and trusted serve, advancing backhand skills and taking charge of the net game.


Build your on court fitness developing muscular endurance, aerobic and anaerobic fitness in order to sustain your performance level in long matches, whilst enhancing your speed, agility, reaction time and explosive power. Finally, learn how to look after your body and recover effectively after training and competition.

Mental Game

Badminton psychology is of paramount importance within competitive game play. Our coaching team will give you the strategies needed to stay calm under pressure and control your own mindset in order to gain a competitive edge.


Implementing the right strategy and being able to adapt effectively to your opponents game style is crucial to winning matches. We will give you the tips and tricks needed to gain the advantage for singles, doubles and mixed match play.

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